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Leaving the Stand    The Trees Leaving Series

    Paintings 2015 – Present

    Paintings 2005–2014

    Painting in Series and Why My Trees Leave
Winter Communion
   In Awe of Nature

    Paintings 2015 – Present

    Paintings 2010–2014

    Paintings 2000–2009
Last Chance Archaeology
   Other Obsessions

    Paintings 2000 – Present

    Paintings 1983–1999

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Contact: cjlori@ix.netcom.com

Represented by 13 Forest Gallery in Arlington, Massachusetts: https://13forest.com/painting-mixed-media#/cjlori/
Array Contemporary in Boston: https://www.arraycontemporary.com/artists
and Indigo House Gallery, 45 Depot Street, Duxbury, MA: http://www.indigohousegallery.com

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